Patrick (foxbase) wrote in girlgroups,

More news regarding The Cake: new Rev-Ola cd

Chelsea Lee from The Cake just posted this over at the Spectropop Yahoo Group.

The Cake CD release
Posted by: "Chelsea Lee"
Thu Aug 2, 2007 10:40 am (PST)

The Cake cd will be released in about 2 weeks. This
is the last time I speak for the Cake. I no longer
want anything to do with my own band due to the fact
I had zero input with the ugly cover-art Revola did.
I am ashamed and in shock at the ugly cover 'art'.
Both lp's are on this cd and it is called 'The Cream
of the Cake' - disgusting. I am in shock because I
could have had my friend, Lorenzo - who is a fabulous
outre artist - do the artwork. He offered to do it
Free. Instead, Revola chose to use a picture of us
that I personnaly despise and what the hell is 'The
Cream of the Cake'?? I worked so hard to get this
music to cd and they completely dissed me. Nuff said.

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