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The Cake and Ronettes listed in The greatest YouTube music clips

Now this is strange, The Cake are in the news again - this time for their classic clip performing You Can Have Him from 1967! And they are #2 on the list! And Ronettes are #1!

The greatest YouTube music clips
by Sean O'Hagan, July 29, 2007 12:00 AM

1. Chuck Berry introduces the Ronettes on his Sixties tv show. (
The godfather of rock'n'roll, three foxy chicks, one epic song ('Be My Baby'). And, some of the best frugging you'll ever see.

2. The Cake: 'You Can Have Him' 1967. (
The grooviest chicks on YouTube. The Cake were a truly fab sixties' three-piece girl group, comprising Chelsea, Barbara and Jeanette. They looked like they had an expense account at Biba, and sang like angels. The late Jeanette Jacobs Woods is the one who stands stock still throughout this teared-stained melodrama of a song. What a gal!

for the entire list:
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