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The Clinger Sisters Spotlight Radio Show (from 2004)

Check out the re-post of my Clinger Sisters Spotlight Radio Show from 2004. If you missed it back then or want to hear it again, come on over and give it a listen - great stuff!

The Clinger Sisters Spotlight Test Pattern with DJ Patrick
Fri. Jan. 16th 2004 6.00pm–7.00pm

6:00pm / The Clinger Sisters “Shoop Shoop De Boop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah” from 45 (Tollie 1964)
6:02pm / The Clinger Sisters “Golly Mom” from 45 single (Tollie 1964)
6:04pm / The Clinger Sisters “Puppet” from 45 single (Tollie 1964)
6:07pm / The Clingers “Lean Back Baby” from 45 single (Jo-Bee 1965)
6:09pm / The Clingers “How About Him” from 45 single (Jo-Bee 1965)
6:12pm / The Clingers “Gonna Have A Good Time” from 45 single (Columbia 1969)
6:15pm / The Clingers “And Now You Know Me” from 45 single (Columbia 1969)
6:17pm / The Clingers “Good Day Sunshine” Live on Smothers Brothers show 1969)
6:20pm / Cattanooga Cats “How Did I Ever Get So Lucky” from Cattanooga Cats LP (Curb 1968)
6:22pm / Cattanooga Cats “My Birthday Suit” from Cattanooga Cats LP (Curb 1968)
6:25pm / The Rock Flowers “Double Scoop” from Naturally LP (Wheel 1972)
6:28pm / The Rock Flowers “Number Wonderful” from s/t LP (Wheel 1971)
6:31pm / The Rock Flowers “What's So Good About Goodbye” from Naturally LP (Wheel 1972)
6:34pm / The Rock Flowers “Sing My Song” came with Rock Flower doll (Mattel 1971)
6:36pm / The Rock Flowers “Sweet Times” came with Rock Flower doll (Mattel 1971)
6:38pm / Cher “I Hate To Sleep Alone” Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (MCA 1971)
6:42pm / Cymbal and Clinger “A Little Bit No, A Little Bit Yes” from s/t (Chelsea 1973)
6:45pm / Dallas (Johnny Cymbal and Peggy Clinger) “Take You Where The Music's Playing” from 45 (Marina 1970)
6:47pm / Bill Cowsill “Wish I Could Say The Same About You” from Nervous Breakthrough (MGM 1971)
6:50pm / David Cassidy “Rock Me Baby” from 45 (Bell 1972)
6:53pm / The Partridge Family “I Got Your Love All Over Me” from Crossword Puzzle (Arista 1973)
6:56pm / Kaptain Kool and The Kongs “You Saved Me” from s/t (Epic 1977)
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