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More news regarding The Cake: new Rev-Ola cd

Chelsea Lee from The Cake just posted this over at the Spectropop Yahoo Group.

The Cake CD release
Posted by: "Chelsea Lee"
Thu Aug 2, 2007 10:40 am (PST)

The Cake cd will be released in about 2 weeks. This
is the last time I speak for the Cake. I no longer
want anything to do with my own band due to the fact
I had zero input with the ugly cover-art Revola did.
I am ashamed and in shock at the ugly cover 'art'.
Both lp's are on this cd and it is called 'The Cream
of the Cake' - disgusting. I am in shock because I
could have had my friend, Lorenzo - who is a fabulous
outre artist - do the artwork. He offered to do it
Free. Instead, Revola chose to use a picture of us
that I personnaly despise and what the hell is 'The
Cream of the Cake'?? I worked so hard to get this
music to cd and they completely dissed me. Nuff said.

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wow I must see this bad artwork
"cream of the cake" doesn't even make sense like "a slice of cake" did. they could've called it "two slices of the cake" or something if they wanted it to be a cake pun.

The Cake


May 2 2008, 21:17:19 UTC 8 years ago

That is a pretty terrible sleeve.Fortuneately you can change the sleeves on a CD.
Another horrible one is the latest Ace one of The Early Girls.It shows what looks like a load of binge drinkers on the street and hardly represents the era