Patrick (foxbase) wrote in girlgroups,

Sandy Posey rarities

I just posted a collection of Sandy Posey rarities that is filled with girl group and country pop styled sounds over in my lj, so check it out if you're interested.


It includes Sandy Posey 's early singles from 1965-1966 she released as Sandy Carmel, Betty York, Betty Richards, Sherry York and as Sandy; her Italian single (versions of Born a Woman and A Single Girl sung in Italian); select tracks from her albums Born A Woman (1966), Single Girl (1967), I Take It Back (1967), and Looking at You (1968); Sandy Posey Covers by Rickey Page (as Sherry Young and Kathy Shannon), and Dan Hill and His Sounds Electronic; the Sandy Posey Coke Commericals; Sandy Posey singles from 1968-1973; and finally the entire Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love (1972) album to round out the compilation.
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